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S.O.E. Level 1 Course

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A course for students that have previously attained a fundamental grasp of basic technical skills and are looking to dive deeper into being more creative and expressive as a DJ.

Whatever your goals might be, one of our veteran instructors can help you achieve them through intense training and total immersion into the culture and art form.

Review of all basic scratches. (Baby/Stab/Release/Cut/Chirp)


  • Introduction to single/double “click” flare techniques and variations.
  • Introduction/review “Twiddle flare and “Crab” scratch.
  • Snare chasing/shadow.
  • Advanced chirp scratch techniques. (accents/“switching gears”)
  • Introduction to executing a beat juggle live in the mix.
  • Introduction to the “double-up” juggle pattern.
  • Emphasis on 2 and 4 bar scratch combination patterns.
  • An in-depth overview of Serato DJ and its various functions as well as
    industry-standard performance mixers.
  • Live remixing “on the fly”.
  • Introduction to finger drumming and "on the fly" looping.
  • Learn to apply the above techniques in a real-time mix scenario for final 15-minute final performance.

  • Note: 
    • Classes begin Sunday January 12th, 2020
    • 4 slots per class
    • Date and times are subject to change